- Helping you navigate the legal system -

Legal Advocacy Program

The legal advocates at S.H.A.R.E. Inc. assist and support victims of domestic violence in discussing their legal options and navigating the legal system. Legal advocates are not attorneys and cannot provide representation or legal advice. Bilingual services available to any who need it.

How our advocates can help.
  • Provide Court Accompaniment: Our advocates can attend a court proceeding with a victim to provide support, answer questions, discuss options or next steps and safety plan immediately following a hearing.
  • Help Navigate and prepare legal documents including:
      Civil protection orders: A legal advocate can discuss how a civil protection order could be beneficial, specific safety considerations related to protection orders, and how to get a protection order.
      Pro se "for oneself" documents: Our legal advocates will discuss your options and rights and help you if you wish to represent yourself in any legal proceeding related to your case.
      Divorce documents and filing: Our advocates will provide information and an overview of the divorce process (with and without children) including filing for a divorce, divorce procedures, property division and related forms.
      Child custody: A legal advocate will discuss how you can protect the rights of your children in cases involving divorce, child custody, neglect or abuse.
  • Provide attorney referrals.
  • Arrange address confidentiality: Colorado has a state-wide program that provides victims with a legal address and mail forwarding service. Legal advocates are able to discuss the benefits of Colorado’s Address Confidentiality Program and enroll victims when appropriate. (More information can also be found at: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dcs/acp )
  • Discuss reporting to law enforcement: Legal advocates can discuss what to expect when making a report, provide support while the you meet with law enforcement and review what might happen in the event of an arrest.
  • Provide information on a criminal justice proceedings
  • Assist in application for Crime Victim’s Compensation: Colorado’s Crime Victim’s Compensation provides financial assistance to crime victims. Crossroads’ advocates can discuss eligibility for victim’s compensation, how to apply and assist in the application process.