Federal Court OKs Lifetime Gun Bans For Those Convicted of Domestic Violence

In a landmark ruling, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that lifetime bans on gun ownership for individuals convicted of domestic violence are not a violation of the 2nd Amendment.

The judge said, “The government has demonstrated that domestic violence misdemeanants are likely to commit acts of domestic violence again and that, if they do so with a gun, the risk of death to the victim is significantly increased.”

Originally, the federally-mandated lifetime ban on gun ownership applied only to those convicted of violent felonies. The law was updated in 1996 to include those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors, since they are the most comment violent crimes committed in victims’ homes. – See more at: http://aattp.org/federal-court-oks-lifetime-gun-bans-for-those-convinced-of-domestic-violence/#sthash.TOSBychN.dpuf

Full story http://aattp.org/federal-court-oks-lifetime-gun-bans-for-those-convinced-of-domestic-violence/