Domestic Abuse the Primary Cause of Murders of Women in New York City

Domestic violence is the primary cause of the murders of women in New York City — two of every three in 2012 resulted from an instance of domestic abuse.

Even as New York City celebrates a historically low homicide rate, women remain at ever-greater risk of losing their lives in domestic-violence-related incidents than in years past
In 2012, 68% of all murders of women in New York were related to domestic violence, up from 54% in 2011, with the highest incidences of domestic violence consistently occurring in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Yet we often turn a blind eye to the violence next door, thinking it isn’t any of our business. And when the public or media do pay attention to domestic violence, it is after the fact, when it is already too late to save someone from injury or even death.

In its September survey of attitudes and experiences of teens and adults with domestic violence and sexual assault, the organization NOMORE found that while more than 50% of Americans know a domestic-violence victim, there is dismally low discussion of the problem.

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