Domestic and sexual violence statistics from Women’s Foundation of Colorado 2013 Report

Among the key findings in the 2013 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in Colorado:

• In 2011, Colorado’s 46 domestic violence crisis centers served 34,685 clients, which represents an increase over 2010 when 28,132 clients were served.

• Colorado has the sixth highest lifetime prevalence of rape in the nation: nearly one in four women in the state (24 percent, or an estimated 451,000) has been a victim of rape.

• Forty-seven percent of women in Colorado aged 18 and older(approximately 897,000 women) have experienced sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime,which is a slightly higher proportion than in the United States overall (45 percent).

•  In Colorado, Latinas are disproportionately represented among those receiving residential and non-residential services from domestic violence crisis centers. Although Latinas comprise only 21 percent of the state’s total female population, they made up 30 percent of those assisted by Colorado’s domestic violence crisis centers in 2011.

Since many women who experience domestic violence likely do not reach out to crisis centers for help, these numbers do not reflect the full extent to which women and families are affected by domestic violence in Colorado.

Information from The Status of Women and Girls in Colorado 2013 Report by Women’s Foundation of Colorado