Detroit prosecutor says domestic violence up since recession started

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DETROIT, MI — In the wake of three recent homicide-suicide cases involving Metro Detroit couples, head of the Wayne County Prosecutor’s domestic violence unit Piper Fakir blames the economic downturn for a rise in domestic violence cases over the last several years.

“I think when Michigan began undergoing difficult financial times, we saw the increase and it’s just been pretty steady since then,” Fakir told WDET’s Pat Batcheller.

She said that in many cases, domestic troubles appears to stem from a feeling of losing control amid tough times.

“I think unemployment, difficult financial times, unaddressed mental health issues, easy access to guns, substance abuse issues — all of those combined with the feeling that the men are losing control contribute to this homicide-suicide kind of thing,” Fakir said.

“I think when men realize that they’ve lost control and the relationship is ending, that time immediately after is the most dangerous for a woman in an abusive relationship.”

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