Report Details Sabotage of Birth Control

New York Times Story

Men who abuse women physically and emotionally may also sabotage their partners’ birth control, pressuring them to become pregnant against their will, new reports suggest.

Several small studies have described this kind of coercion among low-income teenagers and young adults with a history of violence by intimate partners. Now, a report being released Tuesday by the federally financed National Domestic Violence Hotline says 1 in 4 women who agreed to answer questions after calling the hot line said a partner had pressured them to become pregnant, told them not to use contraceptives, or forced them to have unprotected sex.

The report was based on answers from more than 3,000 women, but it was not a research study, those involved said.

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There is nothing suprising about this report, and domestic violence victim advocacy programs have for years had anecdotal evidence of birth control sabotage by batterers. Coerced pregnancy, and not allowing a woman control over her decisions about family planning and birth control are some of the reproductive health impacts from gender-based violence.