Private Violence – A documentary

“This film and website are about how America has responded to gender-based violence. It is a story of a great, but little-known, American social movement-the battered women’s movement. Much of the work has been done in obscurity, by dedicated women and men, many of whom had personal experience with domestic violence, and who held on to a core belief that everyone should be safe in their own home; that fear and respect are not the same thing.

They have worked tirelessly to open shelters and hot-lines; advocate for legislation that addressed domestic violence crimes; provide support groups for survivors and offender treatment programs, work with criminal justice and other allies professionals, and challenge oppressive systems that did as much to lock victims in place as their abuser did. Through all the years, they have watched women step up and step out, educate their fellow community members about the reality of violence against women and the toll it takes, in a variety of ways, across our country.”
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