Efforts to Address Gender-Based Violence: Funding

Efforts to Address Gender-Based Violence: A Look at Foundation Funding
(Ms. Foundation for Women, 2010)

“Foundations play a critical role in supporting efforts to address gender-based violence, yet little research has been conducted on the level or type of funding in the U.S. Spurred by the paucity of data and analysis, the Ms. Foundation for Women undertook a multi-pronged study to measure the scope, focus and impact of funding in this area. Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, this report reviews the progress foundations have made in addressing gender based violence in order to sketch the current philanthropic landscape and its potential for growth.”

Findings included that grantees employing a social-service approach to their work received the most grant dollars, with a social justice perspective receiving the second highest level of support, followed by human rights and feminist perspectives.

Some of the Key Recommendations
 Include systems change, policy, and advocacy along with direct services funding
 Increase support for violence prevention
 Create connections across the full spectrum of gender-based violence issues
 Create connections between gender-based violence and other major issues addressed by philanthropy
 Build a gender-based violence funder community

See the report here