National Survey Finds Significant Unment Need for DV Services

Summary of “The Dangerous Shortage of Domestic Violence Services,” Iyengar/Sabik, Health Affairs, September 2009.

Domestic violence is a preventable but serious public health problem in the U.S., with more than 30 million people in the country experiencing some type of domestic violence each year. However, little information exists about the availability of federally funded services for people who experience domestic violence. Radha Iyengar, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics, and Lindsay Sabik, a graduate student in health policy at Harvard University, used the National Census of Domestic Violence Services to analyze the services available through domestic violence intervention programs in the U.S. Over a single 24-hour survey period in November 2006, 160 programs responded to service requests from 48,350 people. However, more than 5,000 of those requests could not be met because of a shortage of resources.  Full story


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