Domestic violence homicide

Police: Broomfield Man Shot Wife, Killed By Officers
Police Summoned To House On Domestic Violence Call

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Police said a 58-year-old Broomfield man shot and killed his wife and was then shot by police Sunday night.

The double shooting happened at the couple’s home in the historic Westlake School Building at 130th and Lowell Blvd.

Sgt. Mark Goodell of the Broomfield police department told 7NEWS that officers were called to the home, by someone inside, on a report of domestic violence.

The names of those involved have not been released.

Goodell said the suspect fired several shots.

When asked if the man shot his wife in the presence of officers, Goodell said, “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

“Whenever there is an officer involved shooting, the critical incident team is called in to investigate,” Goodell added.

Neighbor Terrell Franklin, who lives across the street, told 7NEWS that he saw a lot of police officers with guns.

“I didn’t hear gunfire, just police sirens,” Franklin said.

Broomfield city council member Linda Reynolds said she met the wife on several occasions. One of them was when the wife put the historic property up for sale.

“The city tried to purchase it for use as a museum,” Reynolds said, “but we couldn’t agree on a price.”

“It’s devastating,” Reynolds said, about the shooting. “She (the victim) has two little girls and that was my first thought, ‘Oh gosh, were the children there? Are the children o.k.?'”

Goodell said there were several officers at the house, but not all of them fired their weapons. The officer-involved shooting will be investigated by the Adams/Broomfield County Critical Incident Team.

Adams County Coroner Jim Hibbard said the couple’s names haven’t been released because they haven’t been positively identified.

He said autopsies are scheduled Tuesday morning.

Source: Channel 7 News


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