Strengthening Sexual Assault Victims’ Right to Privacy

The focus of this online guide, developed by Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc., is sexual assault victims’ right to privacy. It reinforces the importance of keeping information confidential and highlights the power of employing consistent practices to create a culture of respect for victims’ privacy. This guide contains general recommendations, addresses common challenges, provides core concepts, and offers practical tips to assist advocates in their efforts to maintain victim confidentiality.

While some existing laws, statutes, and regulations establish victims’ legal rights regarding privacy and confidential communication, the term “right” is used here in a much broader sense. Laws, statutes, and regulations should be used to support victim service center’s and advocate’s local policies and practices to promote this culture, rather than serving as the sole basis for maintaining confidentiality. Be aware that laws governing confidentiality for victims vary by state and territory. Be familiar with protections afforded to victims locally.

CONNSACS developed this online guide to be of practical assistance to statewide sexual assault victim advocates, sexual assault coalitions, rape crisis centers, their boards of directors, volunteers, and staff through consideration of federal and state laws and policies regarding protections for sexual assault victims’ right to privacy.

Strengthening Victims’ of Sexual Assault Right to Privacy


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