SARA, Inc.


Sexual Assault Response Advocates (S.A.R.A., Inc.) – Located in Fort Morgan, Colorado
Telephone 970.867.2121

As a part of their Child Advocacy Program, S.A.R.A. offers several presentations and programs suitable for young people and their educators. They present these programs in schools free of charge. Programs are intended to provide information to help students make good decisions about relationships, and to help educators recognize children who may be involved in abusive situations and help prevent assaults on young people.

Programs offered by SARA:

Safe Dates A classroom program that can be presented in 2-6 sessions of approximately 40 minutes. Young people are taught to recognize and avoid harmful relationships.This curriculum is suitable in grades 5-12.

Be Proud! Be You! 2-6 sessions designed to help students build self esteem and make healthy choices. These sessions are suitable for grades 4-12.

Stop Bullying Now! Based on information obtained from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, this program teaches younger students how to recognize and avoid coercive relationships. Suitable for Grades 3-6

Truth and Consequences A program presented by Dr. Michellle Soriano explaining the consequences of unprotected sex, including the symptoms, treatment and permanent damage that can be caused by STDs. Approximately 30 minutes-suitable for grades 7-12 ( Can be combined with other presentations from Safe Dates and Be Proud! Be You!)

Darkness to Light This program is designed for educators. It deals with how to identify and prevent sexual assault on children. It is a 3 hour program that can be done in two 90 minute sessions if necessary.

RAD (Rape, Aggression, & Defense) offers instruction in simple self defense techniques for women and girls. These sessions are suitable for middle school aged students and older.


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