Law enforcement training completed with OVW grant funding

Twenty-one individuals attended a one-day training on “Domestic Violence, the law enforcement response” on Thursday, November 13 at the Yuma Police Department. Law enforcement officers and related service people in Colorado’s 13th Judicial District were invited to participate. Eight hours of POST continuing education credits were available for eligible personnel.

The class was provided through SHARE, Inc., a domestic violence program based in Morgan County, with funds from an Office of Violence Against Women Rural Grant. Law enforcement and related personnel from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Yuma County Sheriff’s Department, the Wray and Yuma Police Departments attended. Also attending were individuals from Rural Communities Resource Center, Yuma; Washington County Connections in Akron; and Help for Abused Partners, Logan County, all community-based advocacy organizations.

The law enforcement training team is made up of Detective Dave Kallweit and Jacob Fajardo, Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, and Yolanda Morales-Leon, SHARE, Inc. Kallweit is the Specialized Domestic Violence Investigator funded through SHARE’s rural grant. In addition to training, his other responsibilities include collaboration with all other law enforcement agencies in Morgan County in crime scene investigation, consultation to law enforcement agencies in the 13th Judicial District, and leadership on the Morgan County Domestic Violence Response Team.

“SHARE is really happy to have had the funding to provide this training in the 13th Judicial District and we are extremely pleased with the number of law enforcement officers that took part in the training,” said Jacque Morse, SHARE Executive Director.

For more information or to arrange for law enforcement or advocate training, contact Morse at (970) 867-4444.


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