47 Arrests in Calif. Domestic Violence Sweep

They’re calling it the largest domestic violence sweep in the country.

A joint news conference of area law enforcement agencies took place on Thursday in Downtown Fresno to announce the results of the domestic violence crackdown.

The Fresno Police Department, Fresno County Sheriff’s Department, Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, Fresno County Probation Department took part in the operation with assistance from the Marjorie Masson Center.

The agencies took part in the day-long sweep, where they were looking for 100 known parolees and probation violators, with the search stretching from Selma to San Francisco. The operation began at 6:00 AM Wednesday morning and ended just after midnight on Thursday. Forty-seven arrests were made with forty-five being felony arrests, twenty were parole violators and some were even Bulldog Gang members.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said this is a very important operation because 30% of all homicides in Fresno are related to domestic violence.

Fresno Police Chief Dyer says in the first 9 months of this year, they have already investigated 4800 cases of domestic violence in the City of Fresno.



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