U.S. Extradites Accused Serial Killer to Mexico

United States Extradites Accused Serial Killer to Mexico
WASHINGTON – Jose Francisco Granados de la Paz, 30, a Mexican national, was extradited yesterday to Mexico to stand trial in the state of Chihuahua for aggravated homicide involving the June 2001 stabbing death of Mayra Juliana Reyes Solis, Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich announced today. The case marks the first use of a special provision of the United States/Mexico Extradition Treaty that allows either country, after granting the extradition, to surrender a defendant who is serving a sentence to the other country for trial before the expiration of the sentence that is being served.

According to Mexican authorities, the case is part of Mexico’s ongoing investigation into the murders of young women in the Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, area since the mid-1990s. Granados de la Paz was serving a sentence in the United States for immigration violations when he was identified by U.S. and Mexican authorities as a person sought in connection with the Juarez murders investigation.

Source: U.S. Dept. of Justice


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