SORNA Updates

Read about Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) implementation in Indian Country, funding opportunities, the SMART Office’s 2008 National Symposium, and the 2008 National Tribal Symposium.

Other updated resources on this site:

SMART To Provide Web-Based Software Tools
The SMART Office is developing several web-based software resources to assist jurisdictions in implementing SORNA’s registry requirements: the National Sex Offender Public Registry Exchange Site, a mapping and geo-coding service, a community email notification system, and an email address search system.

SMART Develops Registry Options for Indian Country and Territories
Under the Adam Walsh Act, territories, as well as federally recognized Indian tribes eligible under section 127 that elected to be a SORNA registration jurisdiction, are now required to create and maintain public sex offender registries. To assist in the development of these public registries, the SMART Office is offering a web-based system that can be used to create unique tribe- or territory-specific registry web sites.


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