Cosmetology school announces “Cut it out” program

Empire Education Group Announces National Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign

August 6, 2008, Philadelphia, PA — Empire Education Group, a system of corporate owned cosmetology schools, is launching a multi-platform campaign called “Empire Gives Back” to support CUT IT OUT, that will benefit nearly 90 communities across the country. CUT IT OUT is a program that teaches salon professionals to recognize signs of domestic abuse and safely refer those clients to people and resources that can help them.

CUT IT OUT was born because women often develop very close relationships with their hairdressers based on trust. Some even confide to their stylists about abuse at home, rather than their friends and family.

Empire has worked with the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Office on Violence Against Women to launch a comprehensive platform, which includes enhanced student training, public awareness and education efforts, fundraising, victim support, public service announcements, media outreach and an online campaign. Following is an overview of the specific elements of the initiative:

Empire will coordinate a national roll out of the CUT IT OUT program to all of its 87 schools across the country. CUT IT OUT instructional sessions will be brought into each of Empire’s cosmetology schools reaching more than eleven-thousand students annually.

Empire schools will work with the US Attorney’s Office to adopt a local domestic violence support organization within proximity to each Empire school. Empire will offer support with local student fundraising events as well as provide no-charge services to women who are in these shelters.

Clients seeking support from each “Adopted” domestic violence support organization will also become eligible to receive financial assistance to attend any Empire Beauty School in the country. Quantitatively this educational aid could reach up to half-million dollars per year.

All Empire schools will participate in the Empire Education Group National Day of Beauty, on October 11th. On this day, all monies generated from services and sales in all 87 student salons will be donated to a local shelter in the community where the school is located. Empire will also devise an incentive program to generate excitement and support among students, educators and school officials for additional local fundraising efforts year-round.

A dedicated website has been created to offer information about domestic violence, promote awareness for the national campaign, CUT IT OUT and to direct those in need to people, resources and organizations that can provide help. It will also highlight local student events that benefit the cause, as well as raise funds online by selling specially designed items, which will also be available in Empire’s student salons across the country.


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