Now we’ve heard everything. . .

An ancient Chinese art is being touted as a possible remedy to deter domestic violence.

 Taranaki feng shui expert Kevin Huang believes the answer to marital bliss could lie in the simple layout of your bedroom.

Feng shui is a practice that helps people improve their life by increasing positive energy.

With a traditional feng shui compass and flying star chart in hand, Mr Huang claims he can detect which bedroom causes relationship problems.

Mr Huang’s answer to avoiding domestic violence from bad energy lies in the direction of the master bedroom door and the layout of the room in relation to the house.

“The bed needs to be facing the nor-west direction to enhance good relationships and bring prosperity,” Mr Huang said.

“The coffin position is where the bed is directly facing the bedroom door. This can bring illness and a couple is prone to arguments, break-ups and domestic violence.”


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