OVC Sexual Assault Advocate / Counselor Training

Office of Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center

Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training

October 15-16, 2008

Duration 2.0 days
Cost $200.00
Portland, ME
Training Location
Eastland Park Hotel
157 High Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207.775.5411
Fax: 207.775.2872

This training is intended primarily for sexual assault advocates, counselors, volunteers, or staff at rape crisis centers. However, nurses, including sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs), physicians, law enforcement officers, and mental health practitioners who assist sexual assault victims may also benefit from this training. With a focus on crisis intervention rather than long-term counseling, this training helps you deepen your understanding of the problem of sexual assault and the major roles of an advocate/counselor. Through case studies, role-playing, and other interactive exercises, participants will gain real-world skills to assist sexual assault victims effectively and sensitively. Participants will:

  • Examine the physical and emotional impact of sexual assault.
  • Learn how to respond to a crisis call reporting recent sexual assault.
  • Develop a “toolkit” of crisis intervention techniques to support recovery from sexual assault.
  • Learn to identify possible cases of drug-facilitated sexual assault.
  • Formulate a personalized self-care plan to prevent burnout.