DA will ask for death penalty for man charged with dragging woman to death

Douglas DA to push for death in dragging fatality

CASTLE ROCK (Colorado) — Douglas County prosecutors are proceeding with seeking the death penalty in the case of a man accused of dragging his girlfriend to death behind his car.

The mangled body of Jose Luis Rubi-Nava’s 49-year-old girlfriend, Luz Maria Franco Fierros, was found September 2006 near Castle Rock. She had a nylon strap around her neck, and her body lay at the end of a 1½ mile trail of blood.

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Rocky Mountain News
CASTLE ROCK – Jose Luis Rubi-Nava put a rope around his girlfriend’s neck and told her, “If you want death, here it is,” moments before he dragged her behind his car for more than a mile.

Denver Post

Douglas County A suspected illegal immigrant – arrested and released by Denver police five months ago – has been charged with murder in the death of a woman dragged behind a truck by her neck for more than a mile. . .

Rubi-Nava is suspected of dragging the woman behind his truck until she died from severe head blows and suffocation from a noose tied around her neck. Sheriff’s investigators have not identified the victim.