Defendant steals his lawyer’s car

Attorney Held Hostage, SUV Stolen After Driving Client to Hearing


Police in central Indiana are on the hunt for a domestic battery defendant who is now wanted on charges that he held his lawyer hostage and stole his SUV.

The lawyer, Thomas Hamer, reportedly took temporary custody of client Richard L. Hudson so he could escort him to a hearing on Social Security disability benefits in Indianapolis.

Hudson had been in jail since June 11 on a $5,000 bond on domestic battery charges, the Muncie Star-Press reports.

It was on the return trip to the Madison County Jail in Anderson, Ind., that Hudson is alleged to have held a knife to Hamer’s throat and forced him to drive to a nature preserve. There he reportedly bound his lawyer and fled in his 2007 red Ford Escape.

In a detailed interview about the alleged abduction, Hamer told the Anderson Herald Bulletin that Hudson rambled that he wasn’t going back to jail and that he was going to kill his ex-girlfriend.

“I tried talking him out of it, but he was saying he was going to kill her, then commit suicide,” Hamer is quoted saying.


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