Clearinghouse on police perpetrated DV

A woman who has been battered by intimate partner who is a firefighter or police officer often is marginalized or even ignored. If you are one of these victims, you know it is not easy to find help or information. addresses the unique circumstances you face as you search to regain control of your life.

Relevant Reading:

When the Batterer Is a Law Enforcement Officer Guide for Advocates: This is a comprehensive resource for advocates working with women whose batterers are in law enforcement. It explores the reasons why familiar remedies are often inadequate against an officer batterer’s power and control over the victim and his influence within the criminal justice system. It includes specific safety considerations and advocacy strategies. (The complete Guide (96 pgs) is available in PDF format at no charge through the Battered Women’s Justice Project.)

Advocate & Officer Dialogues: Police-Perpetrated Domestic Violence: Two essays, Developing Policy on Officer-Involved Domestic Violence and The Misuse of Police Powers in Officer-Involved Domestic Violence, explore how the tremendous power and authority granted to officers to protect the public can lead to the abuse of their power. Wetendorf and Davis found that solutions good from the department’s perspective can make things worse for the victim; and solutions better for the victim can leave the department open to liability. Their goal is to generate thoughtful consideration among victim advocates and police administrators on the complexities involved in developing policies and providing effective and consistent victim response.