Attitudes toward women and DV

Rural attitudes toward domestic violence . . .complete article

Marion County (Florida) has consistently had a higher rate of domestic violence crimes than the state rate. In 2006, for example, Marion had the 15th highest rate among Florida’s 67 counties.

The good news? Marion’s and Florida’s rate went down from 1997 to 2006.

The bad news? Marion still had a higher rate than the state’s.


“It’s a lot of ignorance,” said Judy Wilson, chief executive officer of the Ocala Rape Crisis-Domestic Violence Center. “Any culture, country or area that feels women should stay in their place, counts women as second-class citizens or is ignorant about respecting women, will have more domestic violence and more child abuse.”

She said Marion County still is rural in many ways.

“I think one of the big things in Marion County is that it’s just accepted by a large part of the population,” Wilson said. “People would interfere if they saw a woman they thought was a stranger. But if they thought it was a family affair, they would not get involved.”

Wilson said that a lot of men who beat their wives also will beat children. Many abusers saw their mothers being abused, or were abused themselves when they were children, Wilson said.

“It’s a learned behavior,” Wilson said. “I think part of the problem here is we still adopt the rural southern attitude about women.” Complete article